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Study of Sweets

Freeze Dried Taffy

Freeze Dried Taffy

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Crunchy yet able melt in your mouth. No dental work will be harmed in the eating of this "taffy".

-disclaimer- we do not make any guarantee that no harm will come to your dental work

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Customer Reviews

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The best

I have tried other freeze dried taffy but it was so very hard and took forever to melt.
You cant beat Study of Sweets Taffy!!!

Vickie Self

I love taffy and this is taking things up a notch, or 2.
I like the crunch when you bite into a piece and then wait for it to dissolve. So different from chew, chew, chew and the flavor is better stronger?
I had pneumonia for 3 weeks recently and my daughter sent me a care package with some Cinnamon taffy, it was the only thing I had been able to taste in weeks! Made my taste buds and heart happy.
Give some freezedried taffy a try. Your teeth and taste buds will thank you.

take a moment to dissolve

These puffs are big, feel free to take a bite out and let it dissolve in your mouth that way. The bag I received was still a bit firm, so if you are without teeth, and try to munch right away, it can be rough on the soft tissues.

This will probably resolve itself as they get more practice on the freeze dryer.

John Cena
Magical puffs of love

If I could eat these for every meal I would. The melt in my mouth and not my hands. Life is full of mystery and this is one.